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Darla came to our center during a very difficult season in her life.  Although a married Christian, she found herself considering abortion when her test came back positive.  When our nurse gave her an ultrasound, she saw her baby and heard his heartbeat.  She left that day with much to think about. Even though we tried to follow up with her, she did not answer, and we did not hear from her for a time.  With prayer, we committed her to God.  A few weeks later, she finally called us back and told us she had decided to choose life for her baby. She enrolled in our HOPE program and earned coupons for clothes and diapers by watching our videos.  Four months later she delivered a beautiful baby boy. 

When her baby was 8 months old, she came back to the center with a bag of clothes she wanted to donate.  With a smile on her face she said, “These are for you.  Thank you for being here for me when I had no one else.”  Darla’s heartfelt thankfulness is meant for our supporters as well, because we could not have been here for her without them and their generous gifts.