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Anna was in the middle of planning the biggest day of her life.  A large deposit had been placed on her beautiful wedding gown.  Everything was going according to plan, except for a suspicion she might be pregnant.   She had already made her decision – if the pregnancy center confirmed her pregnancy, she was going to have an abortion.

That day, God connected Anna with a post-abortion client advocate who not only confirmed Anna’s pregnancy but also told Anna about her own abortion.  That day, Anna agreed to a free sonogram and saw her baby for the first time.

It was not an easy day for Anna.  She had to choose between the life in her womb and her desire for a perfect wedding dress. That day, God scheduled a divine appointment, and it changed Anna’s life as she traded her wedding dress for the life of her baby. Anna still chose to marry the baby’s father but decided on a simpler gown, and she spent the money on her child’s needs.